Hello world!

I’ve wanted to try my hand at a mostly-music blog for the longest time,  so uh, here it is.  Nothing super meaningful to start it off, just a song.

Ra Ra Riot is a band I knew about for a really, really long time before I actually got around to listening to them. I knew they’d be good, and I’d most likely like them, I just…didn’t bother. The impression I’ve gotten is that other people have had similar experiences. Now that I’ve finally heard them, I’m sorry I didn’t get around to it earlier, ’cause they are really pretty awesome. This song, off their 2008 album, The Rhumb Line, is a good example of why. There’s cello! And violin! And a big, awesome chorus. Other things I really like: the drums, the lyrics, like everything. So, without further gushing, here’s “Ghost Under Rocks” by Ra Ra Riot.

…Wait! One more thing first. Cool story, bro time. Well, not really cool–at all, but interesting? The band’s original drummer, John Ryan Pike disappeared after a Providence, RI show on June 2, 2007. He was found in Buzzards Bay the next day, presumably drowned. The EP version of this song was recorded shortly before his death, which makes it kind of creepy.  Okay, NOW the song.

Here you are you are breathing life into
Ghosts under rocks like notes found
In pocket coats of your fathers
Lost and forgotten



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