EPs are fantastic

But bad for my moneys. Since they’re so cheap, I just assume I can buy all of them, and it’ll be fine, really. But they do add up, and I will eventually run out of money, and it will be partially the fault of EPs. Here is a song from my most recent EP purchase, Through the Treesby Family of the Year. It’s kind of fantastic, and only $4 for your choice of high-quality digital download.

I don’t have super amounts of trivia about this band. What I do know (that which last.fm has told me) is that they are a six-piece from LA, have pretty, harmonic boy-girl vocals, and are catchy as fuck. I dare you not to get this song’s main riff stuck in your head–seriously, just try it. This song (and the whole EP) sounds like a breezy, summer day. Also, it’s adorable.

Here is “Chugjug” by Family of the Year

If you like that, you can buy the EP here:



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