I love it here

Tonight, we had some people over, and went out to the beach after playing a game that involved cards and beer. It was a fantastic break from studying, and the beach and pier at night is just…the most beautiful thing. I try my hardest never to forget how fantastically lucky I am to go to school in this place, and to live in the Bay Area–this gorgeous area of this gorgeous state.

So, in honor of how fucking lucky I am, a Bay Area band! The Heavenly States are from Oakland, and they are pretty damn cool. Oakland is the chosen home for a lot of them–I’m pretty sure something like half the band are Minnesota transplants. Their music has this awesome alternative-indie type sound, with a nice tinge of post-punk/post-hardcore (a la Fugazi, not a la whatever on earth is post the modern wave of hardcore).

This song is my absolute favorite off their 2008 album Delayer. I don’t think I could love the main riff any more if I tried. The way the guitar and piano parts of this song combine kind of makes my life. I adore the vocals, which are definitely the post-hardcoreyest part. Definitely remind me of a cleaned-up Fugazi or Rites of Spring, or perhaps even Replacements. There’s a vague melancholy to the whole thing that I really like–kind of like the aural equivalent of a Fall day. At any rate, listen to it, because it is fantastic, and because Bay Area pride.  Here is…”The Race” by The Heavenly States.

boy was alone on the day that he had
his own kid
it was his turn and he turned like a
car in a skid
will it get to him?
he says “I’ll be just like him.”


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