Quarter over!

Actually, my long, stressful, and fantastic quarter ended on Monday, at night, but I’ve been entirely too lazy to update since then. I have been…relaxing. :O I may have forgotten what that was like over the course of my twenty-credit adventure. That being said, I’m totally taking twenty credits again in the future. This quarter was the experiment, and it seems to have been a success!

In the past week or so, I have bought ten new CDs, so uh…new material, I guess? As if I’m ever going to run low.

On Tuesday, after Kendal finished her final, we got end-of-quarter piercings together at Way Body Art. She now has a septum piercing. I got my cartilage done–helix, to be exact! I…really, really like it.

It is so weird that this quarter is actually over. This is the first quarter I’m going to miss–Creative Writing and French were both fantastic, and I can’t do either next quarter, since intermediate would not fit into my schedule, and they’re not offering French 6 until Spring. (Grrrr.)

That was basically a really long intro to explain the fact that I’m using a French song today, because French music is badass. Mylène Farmer is a French pop star, whose twenty plus year career involves more ridiculous stage getups, controversial lyrics, and opulent music videos than any of us American types can comprehend. I listen to her whenever I need to get into French mode.

The aforementioned lyrics are very pretty, as is her voice. This video, and this song, are both absolutely gorgeous. The song is one of her slower, lovelier ones. It is a duet with Jean-Louis Murat, who I know nothing about, and the dual vocals are absolutely ethereal. The video is sepia and soaked in pretty. The whole production together has an overall theme of lovers being parted by death. Watch and listen to “Regrets” by Mylène Farmer!

N’aie pas des regret
Fais la promesse, tu sais que
L’hiver et l’automne n’ont pu s’aimer


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