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When showing people the awesome that is Tunng, I usually go with a different song–the very catchiest one off their previous album. And it is fucking fantastic, and will prolly be gotten to at some point in this blog, because who wouldn’t want to listen to lots and lots of Tunng? However, the song that has been stuck in my head all day today is a sweet, soft, and rather sad one off their newest album …And Then We Saw Land.

Tunng are British, and have been labeled a folktronica band, which is a pretty silly name but a pretty accurate description. Folktronica is exactly what it implies–the blending of folk with electronic elements to make AWESOME. Well, okay, the awesome part is just my take on it, but folk + electronica? There is nothing in that combination that is not great. Also, it’s quirky. Par exemple, this song, which is absolutely gorgeous and quite sad and about alcoholism, quotes A-Ha. Yes. The one you are thinking of.

And they pull that shit off, too. The song is not actually less ridiculously pretty for the A-Ha shout-out. How could I not use this one? Have I mentioned yet that this song is absolutely gorgeous? There is a lovely finger-picked guitar part, with electronic chimes in the background, and oh-so-pretty male-female vocals–not the cute kind of male-female vocals.  The form of the song is a bit weird, too…I’ve been trying to figure out if it still counts as strophic or if it’s something else, but I just do not know enough about theory for that one. Oh! And awesome, sparse lyrics. Basically, this whole post can be boiled down to: PRETTY PRETTY PRETTY LISTEN TO IT.

“With Whiskey” by Tunng (you know a song is good when it has an alliteration in the title):

he’s sweeping up the dust now baby,
drink your whiskey neat.




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