Drowning your sorrows is okay, really…

Listening to The Replacements when you are upset about something is a terrible, terrible idea. Or an awesome one, depending on how you feel about alcoholism. Because no matter what the problem, if you decide to listen to The Replacements to cheer up, you will come away with one solution: drink until it goes away. Breakup? Whiskey. Friend troubles? Wine. (Red wine). Not ready for that final you have coming up? Vodka. Feel free to mix and match.

But hey, they’ll cheer you up.

Besides being the perfect soundtrack to any downward spiral (they have a song about the goddamn DTs…), The Replacements are also ultra-influential and absolutely fantastic 80s post-punk. Their music is pure, boozy, energetic awesome, with the earlier albums being more punk-focused and latter albums bringing in a larger variety of influences. This is one of those bands that I’ll bet your favorite band listens to. They are important. Probably you have heard their song “Can’t Hardly Wait,” which is fairly iconic and has a really big deal of a high-school movie named after it. It’s pretty awesome. But since you have heard it, it is definitely not what the blog post is about.

It is, however, off the same album. Pleased To Meet Me is involved in a tie for my favorite Replacements album. It is the only album The Replacements ever recorded as a three-piece, since Bob Stinson had either left the band over creative differences or been kicked out due to substance abuse problems–which, was this the case, would have been the pot kicking the kettle out of the band for being cookware. Picking just one song to rave about off this album was hard. Really hard. I love it to bits and pieces. However, after extensive debate with myself, I made a decision.

The song I finally picked starts off with a fantastic, upbeat riff and lyrics that are…absolutely not upbeat even a little. Though The Replacements are post-punk badasses, this is undoubtedly a pop song–not the modern idea of pop, at all–but it has short, punchy verses, and is focused on the well-crafted chorus, which varies with each repetition. I am like obsessed with this song’s lyrics. They are fantastic. In my opinion, this is an awesome introduction to The Replacements, who you should listen to lotsandlotsandlots of music by. Here’s “Valentine” by The Replacements.

If you were a pill
I’d take a handful at my will
And I’d knock you back with something sweet and strong


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