So…I got a little lazy there for a while.

I’m here now, though! With music, and everything! And maybe some words about the Andrew Bird show I went to with some pretty cool people on Friday, but those will come later.

The album that has most recently come into my possession has been an obsession since the first time I got around to listening to it. The album in question is Odd Blood by Yeasayer, and it is good. Like, crazy, in-your-head-all-the-time, ideal-for-any-moment-of-your-life good. So good that I could not come close to picking just one song off of it to show you. Because seriously, how do you pick just one song off of an album you’re listening to like three times a day? (Sorry, Kendal!) Hell, stopping myself at just two was a bit of a battle. The two songs I’ve settled on actually don’t include the song on this album I’m currently most obsessed with, but that’s just the way it had to be.

Before we move on to the two fantastic songs in question, let us first briefly discuss the very lovely band in question. Yeasayer is a Brooklyn band which was formed in 2006. Their first album, All Hour Cymbals is pretty cool and full of all sorts of dreamy introspection. They play live with all sorts of fun psychedelic visuals, which should be an insight into their sound. According to The Hype Machine, Yeasayer was the most-blogged artist of 2010, so I am not only late to the party, but un-original as fuck. Like its predecessor, Odd Blood is dreamy and introspective, but it is also what happens when you boil all that dreamy introspection in a stew with dancey pop-ness. Don’t get me wrong, this is a strange album, but it is also fun and poppy, and the two songs I have selected show off both sides of Yeasayer’s new sound. Put on your good headphones now.

Because everything is more fun when you jump right into the deep-end, I’m starting off weird. (Please don’t take that as indication that you should scroll past this part.) This song is awesome. It is hypnotic, rhythmic, and the vocals are…well, they were recorded through a fan, and then had pitch-shifters do all sorts of lovely things to them.  And there’s harmonies! Basically, the vocals are so fucking cool. The piano in this song makes me happy in the pants, both when it is the instrument performing the absolutely entrancing main riff, and in the ridiculously cool chorus, which, by the way, gets stuck in my head constantly. Also, the electronic aspects win at everything forever.  So, that’s about all there is to say besides THIS SONG IS AWESOME, and um, listen for the nod to Yeasayer’s old tour buddy MGMT in the lyrics. That brought me so much joy when I realized it was there. Without further ado, “The Children.”

Okay, so if that terrified you, I’m sorry, but I love that song an insane amount and definitely had to share it. Do not lose hope in me yet! This next one is massive amounts of fun. This song was the second single from the album, and I’ve actually been meaning to write a post about it since looong before I bought the album. It is fun, dancey, and upbeat. This song is pretty much guaranteed to get stuck in your head. The riff is great, the chorus is fantastic, and I really like the lyrics. This song best exemplifies the feeling this album gives me–when I hear it, I want to go somewhere and dance around out in the sun. Quite possibly, that is a bit specific, but if this does not make you want to dance, there might be something wrong. Also, watch for the really pleasing disco-tastic ending. This is a well-constructed song. And it has a really, really trippy music video. Here’s “O.N.E.” (Can you figure out what that stands for?)

But I thought you should know
You don’t move me anymore
And I’m glad that you don’t
Because I can’t take it anymore

There are quite a few more songs on this that you need to hear, so seriously, just go get this now. So worth it.


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