Andrew Bird last friday

SO, last Friday was a superb sort of day. The mission? Andrew Bird. The journey? Fantastic. Kendal, Riley, Mark, Cory, and I set out on a grand adventure that began with hookah in my living room, moved to Charlie Hong Kong for a delicious, cheap, organic, pan-Asian street-food dinner, and saw itself realized at The Rio theater. It was all-seating, which actually worked really well for Andrew Bird.

The opening act was this adorable, curly-haired singer-songwriter named Simone White. I did not enjoy her music. She had a pretty voice, played guitar prettily, but dear lord, her lyrics. They were inane. She forced rhymes constantly, including delivering things weirdly. I did not enjoy her.

Andrew Bird was a totally different story, though. Holy shit. Holy fucking shit. He is SO GOOD. Violin on looping pedals turns out to be the coolest thing ever. He played violin, guitar, glockenspiel, and sang at approximately the same time. And he whistled! I’ve never heard anyone whistle so prettily, I swear…That is a weird statement, isn’t it? BUT IT’S TRUE. SEE FOR YOURSELF. Here is a video of him playing at Bonnaroo one year. Imagine seeing that live.

Afterward, we headed back to our place and had some celebratory beers. Good fucking night. Seriously.


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