What sunshine sounds like

This next band, I have a ticket to see in April. And I actually doubt I could be too much more excited about it. (Mark! You should get one! Then you could be excited, too!) They are fantastic musicians who produce joy with their instruments and voices. There really isn’t that much more to it: The New Pornographers are happiness.

Something of a super-group, The New Pornographers were formed in Vancouver, in 1997. More than ten years and five albums later, they are still making sunny, musically-sophisticated bits of aural joy. (In case you haven’t noticed, this band makes me HAPPY.)

The bit of aural joy in question is off their 2003 album, Electric Version. Which, seriously, you should just kind of own that thing. It is filled with all good things. This song is one of the best good things. Tom Scharpling of The Best Show once said, via twitter,”My goal is to make something that makes others half as happy as The New Pornographers “From Blown Speakers” makes me!” This goal is a noble one, because from the opening riff, that song bleeds joy.

Seriously. I know I go on and on about choruses, but this song has the best VERSES ever. It also has just, the nicest guitar part, and one Mr. Carl Newman’s lovely voice, backed by some fantastic harmonies from the rest of the motley crew that is The New Pornographers. If they weren’t fantastic musicians, it would just be a lovely little gem of an upbeat, poppy song. But this is The New Pornographers! So it is a perfectly-crafted, perfectly harmonized, perfectly-wonderful gem of an upbeat, poppy song. It is beyond lovely; it is the loveliest.

Here is “From Blown Speakers” by The New Pornographers. Be as happy as it wants you to be. This youtube clip seems to have two minutes of quiet after the actual song, so you can stop it when the song ends. I promise, there is no more, even though ou’ll wish there was.

When the contact high
From the real life adventures wear off…


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