Awesome new finds are awesome

Dream pop is something that’s been a weakness for me lately. I like shoegaze. I like things that are catchy and fun. It kind of combines the two. I also like Swedes (thanks Tim Skold), and synthesizers (thanks every band ever right now). Therefore, The Radio Dept., a sweet little Swedish dreamy-electro-indie-pop number, has been putting many smiles on my face since I came across them. And I’m definitely not alone in that opinion. Each of the three LPs this band has released in their fourteen year career (eep, sparse) has been critically lauded. Even Pitchfork likes these guys.

This song, off their 2010 album, Clinging to a Scheme (isn’t that a fantastic album title?), seriously makes me ridiculously, deliriously happy. It’s got a fantastic piano-based riff, a really nice little bass line, dreamy vocals, and some really sweet synth. Oh yeah, and a fun, dub-inspired beat. And those are all the things it needs. This song is pretty simple, pretty perfect, and makes me feel like there’s rainbows and sunshine pouring out of my ears, or something along those lines. Listen to “Never Follow Suit.” It will make you happy, unless you lack that capacity.

I always wanted to belong to
The freak scene
Or anyone who had set their mind to
Never follow suit again


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