So, last night we had an Underworld marathon, and it was pretty fantastic. I actually forgot how much I liked those movies, which is a lot. Kendal has some pretty awesome ideas for things, and Tanner has a pretty sweet DVD collection (in a TMNT case!). Such sick movies. Selene is awesome–I pretty much have a girl-crush on her forever. And hey, having a dude in the “useless girlfriend” role for once pretty much guarantees my love. I like my damsels in distress male, thankyouverymuch.

So, in honor of what was most definitely a roaring success of a night, and because I have almost literally been listening to nothing but this song and the one I wrote about yesterday all day today, we have a really-aptly titled song off of The Wombats’ forthcoming album, This Modern Glitch. You probably heard stuff off of this Liverpudlian three-piece’s previous album (“Let’s Dance To Joy Division,” anyone?), but the two new singles (of which the song of the day was the first) have a much synth-ier sound. Which I am really, really into.

Dylan showed me the second single, the also-excellent “Jump Into the Fog,” a while back, but it wasn’t until I heard “Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)” that I began sorely anticipating the release of This Modern Glitch (which will be making its appearance in April–that month is going to be SO GOOD.) This song has all the synth anyone could ever want, a really sick bass-line, and a big, catchy chorus. It’s also a really well-constructed song, in my opinion. Just the right amount of choruses and everyone. Listen to it, and be really, really excited for April. Here is “Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)” by The Wombats.



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