A cute thing, in honor of the day

There are so, so many songs I could have used for this. Just ask Kendal Fong–any time I am listening to music, some song or another will come on, and I will declare it “THE CUTEST SONG EVER.” And I mean it every damn time.  After some thought, I decided I should go with someone not everyone’s heard, but who everyone in the world should definitely hear. Someone who I have been obsessed with since I first bought an album…

This post is like, a massive amount of self-serving, and not just because Josh Pyke is like…half of what I love in this world. I need more people in the US to listen to him so he’ll come here. He’s really, really well-known in Australia, where he is from, but his albums are literally not out in the US–only the UK and Australia. And those are the places he tours. The things I would do to see that man live…and yet, I can’t even buy merch, because shipping makes a canvas bag cost over $40.

At any rate, Josh Pyke is really my only possible choice for cute songs. I would have that man’s babies without asking too many questions, that’s how fucking perfect his music is. He’s got a great voice, an Australian accent, mad song-writing and arranging skills, and just…whether you’re happily in love, alone and longing, pining for someone, cautiously hopeful, bitter and heartbroken…if you are anything at all, he will have a song that voices that sentiment more gorgeously and more eloquently than anyone should ever have the ability to do…and can you tell I’m just stalling because I have absolutely no idea which of his songs to choose?

Sorry about that, anyone who saw that little glitch. 🙂 I was bound to try and write about a song that isn’t up on youtube eventually. I reeeaaally ought to check in advance. Fun facts: Australian quite possible exists juuust to make my life hard. So, I uh, had to use OTHER DEVIOUS METHODS to deliver you sweet Aussie goodness.  Hopefully they work.

So, uh, as someone who group up listening to a lot of what you would call emo, having a song written about you is…not the most desirable thing in the world. There are, however, some songs that remind me that it is not all bad. Like this one. Once upon a time, listening to this song, I found myself thinking “Yeah, having something like this written about me wouldn’t be so bad…” The perfect balance of sweet-but-not-sappy, this song means I might not whip out the cross and garlic if I get hit on by a musician-type again. Also, it has banjo. I don’t think I can over-state my love for banjo.

One of the less sweepingly orchestral songs on Josh Pyke’s first full-length, Memories & Dust, this song is simple and sweet. It’s got a perfect melody, some fantastic harmonies, what I think might be xylophone, and have I mentioned that banjo? That banjo is a damn good banjo. The chorus is a chorus you can run around the house singing (or is that just me?). Basically, this song had me at awesome banjo and awesome chorus and awesome harmonies. The sparkling-sweet lyrics are just a nice touch. 🙂 Cuddle up with someone nice to listen to this, if a someone-nice is available.

\”Monkey With a Drum\” by Josh Pyke

I’ve got some money put away
For a great escape
And I could run for a girl like you

(Please tell me the fucking link works.)


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