More cuteness?

So, my last cute post took something of a long time. (If you have not seen it with the version that, you know, actually has music in it, you should do that. The music in it is good!) So, I figured that I should write about another one of the songs I think is the cutest song in the world, and actually do it in one fell swoop, as opposed to many lazy edits.

I did not always think Kevin Devine was awesome. This is probably because I was not into folksy singer-songwriters when I first heard him. It is pretty weird how much my tastes have expanded over the past few years, but, moving on…Kevin Devine is one of Jesse Lacey’s best friends in the world ever, and Jesse Lacey does BACKING VOCALS on a few of his songs. This is how I began listening to him.

Besides the absolute awesome that a person acquires by being best friends with Jesse Lacey, Kevin Devine is pretty cool in his own right. His songs articulate all theses insecurities and nervous moments and random thoughts that anyone can relate to, despite how specific they are. A ginger, Brooklyn-living Irish boy, he manages to write some of the most adorable music possible despite being a former junkie. You have to admire someone who cuteness has that kind of resilience. And he is seriously cute. As this song will demonstrate.

Structurally, it is pretty standard free-wheeling, folksy singer-songwriter type fare, just loosely in verse-chorus form, all that. The song intensifies as it goes on, which never fails to make me happy. Also, the guitar part is really fun, and kind of just makes me smile, as does the way that Kevin Devine delivers his vocals (it’s just so damn earnest!). There are some really well-executed harmonies on the chorus-y parts, and just…the lyrics. You guys, the lyrics. And the music with his voice and the lyrics. So good, so cute. That stuff about gingers not having souls might be a lie…Here is “People Are So Fickle,” off of Make the Clocks Move.

it’s just that people are so fickle
they fall in love at different angles
and really I could lose you
just as quickly as I’ve gotten you


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