What’s my excuse for this one?

So, I may have skipped almost a month again. Oooops. Can I just blame the insanity that is the end of the quarter and ignore the fact that I’ve been done with finals for almost a week? I’ve been sick, okay! Still am, actually. :/ See, none of this has anything to do with laziness! See how I am suffering to share some pretty music with you, overcoming my illness, all that? (Okay, I’m done now. )

Today, I bring to you some absolutely adorable indie-pop from Houston, Texas. (One of these days, I will get around to blogging about something less indie. I promise I’m not actually this cool. Anyone who has any illusions to that effect will have them shattered VERY SOON.) My brief inquest about the band in question turned out very little information, other than the fact that they hang out in Texas, and sell out shows there. They look very young in their photos, and did I mention ADORABLE?

So, this here song has everything anyone (namely, me) could ever want. There’s those boy-girl vocals I like so much, plentiful harmonies, some really sweet keys, and a pleasing, mellow drum-beat. They remind me a bit of Ra Ra Riot – strings + a lady. This is a good thing. There’s some really pretty voices, a really nice instrumental part, and all of it blends together just…way too nicely. So uh, just relax, let the harmonies wash over you, and enjoy “Skin Collision Past” by Wild Moccasins.

swollen tears swallowed by a pavement sea
authority figures look for me

If you would like to see the adorableness in action, here’s a video of an in-studio session they did for All Our Noise. (http://www.allournoise.com/)

And here is their facebook, if you’d like to look at pictures or follow links to their various holdings on the internet! (http://www.facebook.com/wildmoccasins?sk=info)


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