We interrupt this program for…

I was working on a long, fancy, post, but then exciting things happened! If you are reading this blog, you probably already know my very, very lovely friend Another Friend, and his uber-fantastic band Under a Western Sky! If, by some chance, you are a stranger to their lovely sounds, here’s what you need to know: they are some really awesome, talented dudes, who just finally recorded their very first EP! I’ve been lucky enough to have it in my ear holes for a while, and now everyone else in the world can have it in theirs, too, for the price of absolutely zero dollars!

It is a fantastic EP, with five tight, awesome songs–it’s filled with great riffs, bass parts, beastly drums, breakdowns, lyrics, and some fucking awesome screaming. You would never believe this shit was recorded in a home studio. So you should download it. Now. Please? For them? For me? But mostly for you, because you deserve to have your face rocked off. I’ve not missed one of this band’s shows yet, and there is a reason for that. Do you want to find that reason out? I think you do.  Click on the pretty link!



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