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A quick post because I miss rambling about music.

Oh hey, I have a music blog. Kinda forgot about that a little. However, since I am currently studying for my psych final, and thus perfecting the art of productive procrastination–you should see my room right now, it is so clean–now is the ideal time to bring the blog back to life. It’ll just be a quick post–I do actually want finish preparing for this exam and whatnot–but a post!

The song of the day today is a song that brought me back from the bring of burning out on editing several times this past weekend, like half of which was spent in the Communications lab. It was chosen for my rallying cry because, quite simply, it makes me want to fuck shit up. When I am walking down the street in my Doc Martens, listening to the album this song comes from, I imagine how lovely it would be if the whole world was a mosh pit. I imagine what would happen if, right at that moment, I was attacked. (Spoilers alert: that fantasy involves me kicking the motherfucker in the face with my steel-toed boots). More succinctly put, The Blood Brothers are a strange sort of high for me.

Man, I wish I’d seen that band live before they did the whole “indefinite hiatus” thing. At any rate, the album in question is Crimes by The Blood Brothers, and it is awesome. Really otherworldly screaming combined with awesome energy and a high degree of catchiness. The song that I most often hit repeat on is “Trash Flavored Trash,” and you should listen to it right now.

The Blood Brothers – “Trash Flavored Trash”


We interrupt this program for…

I was working on a long, fancy, post, but then exciting things happened! If you are reading this blog, you probably already know my very, very lovely friend Another Friend, and his uber-fantastic band Under a Western Sky! If, by some chance, you are a stranger to their lovely sounds, here’s what you need to know: they are some really awesome, talented dudes, who just finally recorded their very first EP! I’ve been lucky enough to have it in my ear holes for a while, and now everyone else in the world can have it in theirs, too, for the price of absolutely zero dollars!

It is a fantastic EP, with five tight, awesome songs–it’s filled with great riffs, bass parts, beastly drums, breakdowns, lyrics, and some fucking awesome screaming. You would never believe this shit was recorded in a home studio. So you should download it. Now. Please? For them? For me? But mostly for you, because you deserve to have your face rocked off. I’ve not missed one of this band’s shows yet, and there is a reason for that. Do you want to find that reason out? I think you do.  Click on the pretty link!